Dua for lost love

Problems come into the life of every person. But problems which come into the love life of the person are always weird. Such problems make the person disappointed. The love fills the life of a person with happiness but if there is no love, the place of happiness has taken by the hatred, jealous and […]

Dua for husband back

There are many couples those who are not happy in their life. Sometimes husband is not happy with his wife and sometimes it is the wife who is not happy with her husband. With the passage of time the love between the couple get demolish. Thus it has seen most of the time husband does […]

Dua for get my ex Love back

Misunderstanding always let end the love relationships. Thus a person or couple should never let any misunderstanding come into their love life. Still no body can do anything in front of the situation. There are many people those who end their relationships because of the love problems. Living without loved one is really hurting. It […]